Celtic FC

Senior Masculino
2018-08-19 10:39:45
💬 “I’ll look forward to Thursday and, if I get a chance, I’ll try and stick it away and get to 100.” @Leighgriff09https://t.co/92O93szlms
2018-08-18 20:22:38
“Thank you my God, I love you, thank you for giving me the blessing for being part of the Celtic family again, for… https://t.co/rlrJ6zGqqR
2018-08-18 17:06:19
On to the next round!! 🍀🍀 Good goal amigo!! ⚽️⚽️ https://t.co/268N99LhO6
2018-08-18 17:51:02
Well done, Ghirls! 👏 #CelticFC https://t.co/a1kNJGAlu1
2018-08-18 17:22:59
💬 Post-match reaction from Brendan. #BetfredCup https://t.co/9kxUyxouAc
2018-08-18 16:45:00
📺🎙 @Cris_GamboaCR also spoke to @CelticTV after his man of the match performance. #BetfredCup https://t.co/qBSUPOaXoS
2018-08-18 16:40:56
🗣️ BR: “Everyone makes mistakes but people need a chance to redeem themselves. Of course I would like to have him i… https://t.co/EDJK54rMTr
2018-08-18 16:39:49
BR: “Dedryck is still a Celtic player and I want to have him involved.” #PARCEL
2018-08-18 16:39:23
🗣️ BR: “I had a long chat with Dedryck the other day and we’ve created a bit of distance from what happened last we… https://t.co/OdHnax6Pjn
2018-08-18 16:38:48
🗣️ BR: “I said to them before the game, if there’s one thing you’re guaranteed in football and in life, is that the… https://t.co/nNDG4Yejf6