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2019-02-22 18:14:38
Shakhtar U19 started the year 2019 with a devastating 6-1 victory over Arsenal-Kyiv U19. Braces were netted by And… https://t.co/epIdsTL8Et
2019-02-22 12:59:17
Recovery session after the Europa League game in Frankfurt. Shakhtar started preparing for the Ukrainian League ho… https://t.co/jO5yvBMUFw
2019-02-22 10:35:39
Taison, Marlos, Kovalenko or Moraes? Who"s been Shakhtar’s MVP vs Eintracht? Vote ⬇
2019-02-22 10:33:27
@OwainH14 13.00 CET
2019-02-22 10:07:55
Today, Shakhtar U19 will start the year 2019 with a game vs Arsenal-Kyiv U19. The game kicks off at 14:00. Watch t… https://t.co/FmTlRnfAyK
2019-02-22 08:22:18
Read everything that Eintracht manager Adi Hutter said after the game vs Shakhtar ⬇ https://t.co/U4etm5XoQl
2019-02-22 00:20:00
Bohdan Butko: "We’ve got just ourselves to blame since we conceded four goals due to our own errors"… https://t.co/Of4ZGbgCak
2019-02-22 00:12:21
Junior Moraes: "The end of the encounter was risky, we had to rush forward" https://t.co/0wtVzUXk2A https://t.co/Uii07w2lze
2019-02-21 23:41:46
"We just can’t give goals away like that" Read everything that Paulo Fonseca said after the game vs Eintracht in F… https://t.co/6aj2KhN67w
2019-02-21 23:01:27