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2019-02-20 22:46:17
We’re focussed on the Europa League! #Shakhtar’s pre-match training session at the Frankfurt Stadion on the eve of… https://t.co/U63o3HqKdR
2019-02-20 22:10:35
Pre-match training at the Frankfurt Stadion. We’re ready for the @EuropaLeague decider vs Eintracht! 📸 See all pic… https://t.co/z7l9gAtbH9
2019-02-20 21:53:00
"You’ll see the courageous, brave team - I constantly demand this of the players" Paulo Fonseca on the decisive ma… https://t.co/GiiqfBB0SN
2019-02-20 21:48:25
Welcome to the Frankfurt Stadion. 🔥 Tomorrow, it will be hot here! #EintrachtShakhtar #UEL @EuropaLeague https://t.co/X5jpqx12cT
2019-02-20 20:51:55
"We should play as a team. And it doesn’t matter who scores a goal, the main thing is to achieve a positive result"… https://t.co/15nnILRtNo
2019-02-20 18:15:00
Paulo Fonseca and Viktor Kovalenko live starting from 19:30! Join the live webcast of the press conference before… https://t.co/ZmnsvgHT5z
2019-02-20 17:30:00
Today, at 18:30 CET, Paulo Fonseca and Viktor Kovalenko will answer the reporters" questions before the UEFA Europa… https://t.co/6EZe9NCjHk
2019-02-20 16:45:01
“Shakhtar use their chances very well.” Key thoughts of our Eintracht opponents before the @EuropaLeague game ⬇ https://t.co/zdktZVymoy
2019-02-20 16:22:20
Who won’t play vs Shakhtar? The Eintracht manager spoke about the personnel losses before the UEFA Europa League d… https://t.co/4B4PdlDOEW
2019-02-20 16:18:48
What do the players do during the flight? Watch the video from the team plane on the way to Frankfurt for the… https://t.co/JPNkvxOllL