Últimos puntos: Jornada 3 2019-04-20
Cliftonville FC-Crusaders FC (2-0) y también es la última victoria conseguida
Último empate: Jornada 2 2019-04-13
Cliftonville FC-Ballymena United FC (1-1)
Última derrota: Jornada 5 2019-04-27
Glenavon FC-Cliftonville FC (4-0)


Como local el Cliftonville FC ha ganado 12 partidos, ha empatado 2 partidos  y ha perdido 3 partidos, por lo tanto ha conseguido en casa 38 puntos.

Como visitante el Cliftonville FC ha ganado 5 partidos, ha empatado solo un partido  y ha perdido 10 partidos, por lo tanto ha conseguido fuera de casa 16 puntos.


Último gol a favor: Jornada 4 2019-04-23
Linfield FC-Cliftonville FC (5-1)
Último gol en contra: Jornada 5 2019-04-27
Glenavon FC-Cliftonville FC (4-0)

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2019-07-16 19:00:00
48 hours til kick-off. https://t.co/dfSacNkg4v
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With the new Danske Bank Premiership season now less than a month away, don"t forget you can download all of Clifto… https://t.co/ucdspclYt1
2019-07-16 15:00:00
As expected, the response to the launch of our 2019/20 Matchday Mascots packages has been as enthusiastic as always… https://t.co/jc1EImjAmQ
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The Reds Shop will be open from 7-8pm this evening. https://t.co/AtzqZDzuSn https://t.co/VjekZGn8UU
2019-07-15 19:12:07
Today also marks five years since the Reds" only Champions League appearance that did not end in defeat.… https://t.co/ZfWnxDKB17
2019-07-15 19:12:07
Another day, another European milestone as we turn the clock back to Cliftonville"s first ever fixture in the Europ… https://t.co/X40CGtmwrA
2019-07-15 16:17:05
The penultimate chapter of our 2018/19 season review takes us into April as Cliftonville began plotting their Play-… https://t.co/HXpVEwEBta
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The Reds Shop will not be open this Thursday night, however in-store sales will be available from 7-8pm on Tuesday.… https://t.co/U4DuEq9uMi